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McElhenney Construction Company (MCC) is a full service construction company that uses expertise and innovative problem-solving to build a successful highway & road heavy construction and site development company. From small scale concrete and drainage work to comprehensive road development projects, our experienced team of professionals are dedicated to meeting each client’s needs. 

In 2013, Josh McElhenney decided he wanted to start his own company. With the help of a couple laborers, Josh slowly built his business starting off with small concrete projects and performing erosion control as a subcontractor. 

Fast-forward to today, MCC has worked in three states performing work on roads, bridges, private development, and plant operations. We are a dedicated company founded on the principle of not only providing quality products and service for our clients but internally driven to complete all projects on time, on budget, and per specification. In everything we do, safety is our main focus. 

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MCC team holding up two fingers after completing the bridge deck replacement project in two days (8 days ahead of schedule).

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